Visit Us Soon at People's Choice Wellness Center!
People's Choice Wellness Center

People's Choice Wellness Center
8401 West Baseline Road, Boulder, CO, 80303
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Happy New Year!  

Our Baseline location is currently closed.  We are in the process of opening at our new location at the intersection of 75th and Arapahoe.  The new store will be located in the bottom left corner of this plaza and the new address is 7464 Arapahoe St, Unit 9A, Boulder, 80303.  

If you have any questions please call us at 720-366-6615

We appreciate your continued support during this time and look forward to seeing you soon!

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People's Choice Menu & Specials
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About Us
The store is fully stocked with a range of 20-25 strains of medical marijuana along with a wide People's Choice Medical Marijuanavariety of edibles, tinctures, drinks, body products, pre-rolls, pipes and accessories. 

All of our strains are grown in soil using organic nutrients in a state of the art facility with educated and passionate growers overseeing production.  Our strains are all hand trimmed with care, and cured to perfection before arriving at the store. 

The edible selection we offer comes from the top edible companies in the state.  We also offer a wide variety of accessories for the convenience of one stop shopping.

Our staff is highly educated and they are also patients themselves.
We strive to ensure your experience at PCWC will be a great one!   We pride ourselves on the quality and selection that we offer along with friendly, knowledgeable service. 

Whether you have been a patient for years or are a brand new patient, we ensure PCWC is the one stop shop for all your medicating needs!

People's Choice Wellness Center

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